Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron sputtering has developed rapidly over the last twenty years, following the increasing industrial demand for high-quality functional films. Today, magnetron sputtering often outperforms other techniques used for the deposition of coatings of industrial interest.

Thin Films in everyday life

A brief description about how thin films have found application in everyday life.

The Role of Thin Film in Optical Field

Thin film coatings has found applications in mirrors, microscopy, photo catalysis, photovoltaic, solar cells, switches, lenses, microelectronics, etc.Optical thin films involves the interaction of electromagnetic radiation, at different wavelengths, with a deposited functional layer. 

Vacuum Deposition Technologies

Wide set of processes which are used by industry to deposit thin films, with a wide range of compositions and purposes, over substrate with largely variable composition, taking advantage of a high-vacuum environment.

The application of thin films in preventing corrosion

The role of thin films in corrosion protection.