Alca Technology Srl exploits the three decades of experience of its founders to create, design, build and test systems and components to be used in research centres, universities and firms that are highly specialized in the Thin Film industry.

Our company has always pursued a single goal: that of creating a dynamic, youthful, flexible firm providing practical assistance to researchers and companies that require high-quality components with high added value. This line of thought has allowed us to grow, both from a professional and human resource point of view, in a consistent and balanced manner over recent years.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification achieved right at the beginning and a long series of further qualifications gained by our technicians, are clear evidence of the importance our company gives to all its employees and the constant effort it makes to pursue new and stimulating challenges that a market such as ours demands.

Alca Technology Srl gives priority to the manufacturing culture that our particular geographic area has to offer: numerous highly specialised companies allow us to outsource dedicated aspects that are not foreseen within the company. This generates greater efficiency, flexibility and a decrease in costs.

Being fully aware of the importance of delivery times for the success of large-scale projects, we focus considerably on production planning, using dedicated management software to interface with our Quality System. At present, taking into consideration its direct and indirect work force, Alca Technology Srl, offers employment to around fifty people, all highly specialised and trained to exceptional levels. Major multiple year contracts with leading international research centres, allow us to maintain a confident view of the future and to continuously invest in training and involvement of our staff.