Infrastructural Resources And Equipment

Infrastructural Resources And Equipment

Alca Technology Srl currently has a covered area of 2,000 sq. m plus a further 1,000 sq. m open area dedicated to the washing of components. In addition to its offices, it has divided this area into two main but communicating production facilities: the production area itself and the area dedicated to assembly and testing phases.

The production area is equipped with 10 ton overhead travelling cranes, fume extraction systems for all welding workstations and a general grinding dust exhauster system.
All the welding machines, handling TIG, MIG COLD WIRE processes, are state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee high quality welding of different materials such as various types of steels, aluminium alloys, titanium, nickel and other precious materials.
All operators have quality equipment at their disposal, whilst all the measuring instruments are kept in perfect working order and undergo periodic testing and audits as required by law.

The assembly and testing area is a clean area, with a dustproof anti-impregnating resin flooring covering about 1,000 square meters; it is also equipped with 10 ton overhead travelling cranes and several jib cranes used to hoist and assemble the pieces. The whole area is air-conditioned in order to perform all assembly and testing operations at controlled temperatures.
An independent dust-free clean room, with an over-pressurised environment and equipped with special pocket filters, is available for all operations which require a particularly high level of cleanliness. If necessary, it is also possible to provide certification of the level of cleanliness in the clean room.

Our operators have everything they need to perform vacuum and functional tests, including:

  • No. 3 Helium mass spectrometers (maximum sensitivity of 2x10 -12 mbar l/s)
  • No. 2 Trolley Pumping Units equipped with primary rotary pump + turbomolecular pump, with a vacuum limit of 8x10-8 mbar, equipped with "full range" gauges.
  • Series of primary pumping units for exhausting large sized rooms
  • No. 1 500 l/s ion pump with controller capable of achieving a vacuum limit of 10-10 mbar
  • No. 2 Multiple channel hard copy recorder, which is able to provide simultaneous recording of the pressure, temperature on the pieces, background noise and other customisable parameters
  • Range of heating cables and insulating mattresses for the baking cycles
  • Degassing/heating furnace for small sized vacuum chambers
  • Furnace for brazing of small parts in vacuum or controlled atmospheres
  • Flanges/fittings/bellows/valves and all necessary equipment for vacuum and baking tests