Scientific Research Sector

ALCA TECHNOLOGY operates in the scientific research sector and realises "Insertion devices" for Synchrotron Beam Lines such as monochromators, mirror chambers, shutters, stoppers, special windows.
We develop joint projects with the top Italian and European Research Centres and we are able to operate autonomously in the design and construction phases, through to the implementation of targeted testing and inspection that comply with approved procedures.

To achieve the above, we have equipped our department with mass spectrometers up to 200 amu, which we use to perform residual gas analyses during baking cycles.

ALCA Technology also builds liquid metal pilot plants (lead-lithium and lead-bismuth) for thermo-fluid-dynamic tests in the nuclear fusion research sector. In fact, we are now the qualified supplier for feasibility studies and the construction of components and equipment to develop the new nuclear fusion machine (ITER) project, the result of an important international joint-venture.
We also design and manufacture devices in the cryogenic sector, operating in vacuum conditions with both nitrogen and liquid helium, with the addition of metals such as copper, stainless steel and various types of aluminium.