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ALCA Technology
Winner of the
“Festival delle città impresa”
del 2012.


your ideal partner for all ultra vacuum and ultra high vacuum manufacturing. Since 1999 we have been highly dedicated to designing, building and testing systems for the Thin Film Deposition, Beam Lines for Particle Accelerators, Cryostats, Space Simulation Chambers, Nuclear Fusion components and vacuum chambers for Universities, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics Institutes.

 ALCA TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. Via Lago di Garda, 130 - 36015 Schio (VI) - Italy - Tel.+39 (0)445 500064 / Fax.+39 (0)445 501549 - E-Mail:
P.Iva / C.F.: 02793000247 - Capita Sociale: € 10.500,00 I.V. - R.E.A. 275763/Vicenza